About Dolphin Centrifuge

Dolphin Centrifuge Shop in Warren, Michigan
Dolphin Centrifuge Shop in Warren, Michigan, USA

Who is Dolphin Centrifuge?


Dolphin Centrifuge is a company specializing in manufacturing industrial centrifuge systems.

Established in 1985, Dolphin started as an Alfa Laval aftermarket parts manufacturer.

Over time, we created a niche for ourselves in the industrial centrifuge market. Our niche is complete fluid recovery systems built around Alfa Laval industrial centrifuges.

By 2004 had supplied centrifuge systems to all five major continents. In 2017 we had a global annual installed capacity of over 10 billion gallons!

Dolphin Centrifuge Celebrating 35 Years

What does Dolphin Centrifuge do?

As an engineering company, Dolphin Centrifuge designs and manufactures centrifuge systems for industries. These separation systems all feature Alfa Laval industrial centrifuges. One of our specialties is re-purposing disc stack centrifuges. We develop centrifuge based solutions for applications that even the OEM rate unlikely!

Also, we manufacture centrifuge auxiliary systems to complement our centrifuge systems. Some of our proprietary additions include:

– Heat Loops (Clog-Free Fluid Heating or Cooling Exchanger)
– Hot Fluid Heat Recovery Package
– Containerized Oil Recovery Systems (ORS)
– Heavy-Duty Heater, Strainer, and Pump Modules (Crude Oil)

Dolphin has developed its proprietary Centrifuge Control System. It uses state-of-the-art technology for ease of operation and unique built-in troubleshooting features.

Where is Dolphin Centrifuge based?


Our location is in the Detroit Metro area, in the city of Warren, MI. Our manufacturing location is in an industrial district close to our vendors. Being in the Motor City is an advantage with many automotive suppliers in the area.


Why Choose Dolphin Centrifuge?

Simply put, we know centrifuges and we have the expertise! We have supplied centrifuges over the years, for most practical applications. Our experience allows us to help our customers select the best centrifuge for their specific purpose.

As an added benefit, our years of field experience and ‘lessons learned’ are built into our centrifuge equipment.

Dolphin Centrifuge has a spacious, well-equipped industrial facility. We have a growing inventory of over 200 centrifuges in stock at our location. Our stock of gently used centrifuges is a significant benefit to our customers. It allows us to offer quality centrifuges from our inventory instead of searching the market after we get your order.

We take great pride in our American craftsmanship and a well-recognized client list. Our customer list includes our military and other government agencies. Also, we have supplied centrifuge systems to O&G companies, Power Utilities, Rig-builders, etc.

All our centrifuge equipment comes with a mechanical warranty. We also provide lifetime technical support to our customers.

Our Team

Dolphin’s primary resource is our people. Our team has a cumulative 100+ years experience with industrial centrifuges. With mechanical and electrical engineers on staff, we have the technical background to produce top-shelf equipment.

We have the experience and expertise to handle the toughest of centrifuge challenges.

Open Invitation!

We invite all potential customers to visit us at our facility to get a feel for our work and our capabilities.