Industrial Centrifuge Controls

Dolphin Centrifuge has developed its line of Industrial Centrifuge Control Systems. These controls are specific for Alfa Laval Disc Stack and Decanter Centrifuges.

Our control panels incorporate the latest technologies available. Ease of use and builtin troubleshooting features are highlights of our control systems.

They can be customized to provide unique functionalities and application-specific features. These include process data storage, DCS interface, and remote operator functionality.

Dolphin’s centrifuge control systems often incorporate:

  • Advanced Trouble Shooting Guides.
  • System Fault Data Logging.
  • Alarm Functions with Alarm History Log.
  • Administrator Setting with Password Protection.

Decanter control panels offer:

  • VFD Starters for Main and Back-drive Motors.
  • Motor Sequence Logic.
  • Braking Resistors for Quick Ramp-down.
  • Vibration Sensors with Feed Pump Interlock.
  • Bowl Speed Control.
  • Conveyor Torque Monitoring.
  • Bearing Temperature Monitoring and High-Temperature Alarm.
  • Automatic Shut-down Sequence.
Industrial Centrifuge Controls Screen
Industrial Centrifuge Control Screen
Industrial Centrifuge Controls

Dolphin Proprietary Centrifuge Controls Feature:


  • PLC for process control & HMI (Touchscreen) as a user interface.
  • Detailed graphical display with live on-screen parameter monitoring.
  • Fully automatic operation with elaborate manual controls
  • Primary alarm functions pre-configured.
  • Inputs for Pressure, Flow, Temperature and Vibration sensors.
  • Built with hi-quality, off-the-shelf components for quick field serviceability.
  • PID Loop Control for VFD Feed Pumps & Level Sensors.

New Controls for Your Old Centrifuge System


Do you have old industrial centrifuges with outdated controls? We can retrofit our state-of-the-art centrifuge controls on your existing centrifuge systems. With many extra functions, the customer can expect improved efficiency and lesser downtime.

Contact Dolphin today to discuss the possibilities.

Explosion Proof Centrifuge Controls

Dolphin Centrifuge has designed and assembled NEC Class 1 Div 1 and Class 1 Div 2 control systems for all types of centrifuge applications. You can read more about our explosion proof centrifuges.

Class 1 Div 1 Centrifuge Control System
Explosion Proof Centrifuge Control System
  • NEMA4X or NEMA7
  • UL or IEC / ATEX classifications
  • Zone 1 & 2 categories.
  • Field instrumentation compatibility.
  • Nitrogen purged enclosures.
  • DCS control options.
Centrifuge Control System for Class 1 Div 2 Environment
Class 1 Div 2 Centrifuge Control System