Industrial Centrifuge Training


Dolphin Centrifuge provides comprehensive operational training for industrial centrifuges. We offer this training on-site or in-house at our facility in Warren, MI.

Startup Assistance and Centrifuge Training at Customer Site


An integral part of our services is the on-site industrial centrifuge service and training. This training assures the customer best use of the centrifuge safely and efficiently.

After delivery and site installation, our technicians check the entire centrifuge system. We involve the customer’s support staff in this inspection. This step familiarizes the operators with ever aspect of the mechanical and electrical sub-systems.

Our industrial centrifuge startup and training includes:

  • Complete mechanical & electrical check of the centrifuge installation
  • Bowl Installation by site personnel under our technical supervision
  • Initial startup of the centrifuge and test run to check operating parameters.
  • Process customer product through a centrifuge
  • Optimize centrifuge to customers’ fluid characteristics for optimum efficiency
  • Monitor and record operating parameters for future reference
  • Test sub-system components (pumps, heaters, sludge handling system, etc.) and adjust as needed
  • Trigger various system alarms and train personnel on troubleshooting
  • System shut-down sequence by site personnel under our tech’s supervision
  • Bowl dis-assembly and re-assembly by site personnel under our tech’s supervision

Dolphin Centrifuge also provides on-site centrifuge service options as part of a PM schedule or on an as-needed basis.

Industrial Centrifuge Operational Training (In-House)


Dolphin offers free operator training when you buy a centrifuge system from us. Customer operator(s) sent to our workshop get hands-on training on the centrifuge system.

The testing phase of our manufacturing process is the best time for this training. Due to licensing limitations, water is the testing fluid.

Our in-house training covers above listed operational aspects of the centrifuge system. During training, we encourage your personnel to operate the centrifuge and control system.

We also train them to tear-down & rebuild the centrifuge bowl. This exercise familiarizes the operators with the inner mechanical details of the centrifuge system.

Contact Dolphin Centrifuge for more information and to set up a centrifuge training session.